Therapy is a process whereby an individual, couple, or group meet with a trained psychotherapist (e.g., social worker, psychologist) to gain insight into their thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and values. It can consist of exploring (and recovering from) traumatic experiences, clarifying important roles and life decisions, improving autonomy and increasing self-esteem. At times, sessions may be challenging as the process can evoke emotions or experiences that have been dormant or uncomfortable. On the other hand, it can be quite reassuring to gain insight and to feel empowered. Therapy is a broad and encompassing, and the sessions are designed to address an individual’s needs with the overall goals of aiding someone to feel more in control of their life. In short, it is hard work, but when a commitment is made, it’s usually met with positive results!

The role of the therapist typically varies based upon a professional’s personality, culture, training, and theoretical orientation, but is typically one of warmth, empathy, and being a good listener. Some therapists may be quiet during sessions and respond minimally in order to encourage contemplation, while others are more ‘active’ and engage in on-going dialogue. Regardless of the approach, the overarching role of the therapist is to help an individual gain insight into who they are, and how they can resolve the stressor they are facing (e.g., relationships, parenting, illness, autonomy). Our approach is active and eclectic, combining elements of behavioral therapy (e.g., Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction), with humanistic/existentialism, psychodynamic, and family systems theory. Overall, we are trauma informed (and EMDR Certified), and are empathetic and  authentic.

Our office is located in Berkeley, California, and in-person services are offered.  For those of you who reside in California, but outside of the Bay Area, Telehealth (i.e., web-based services) are available via a HIPAA compliant platform. This platform allows clients to schedule appointments wherever they are able to connect to the Internet, and can ease travel time to and from locations, while providing the same high quality of service. Note that in order to use Telehealth (web-based) services, the client must be located in California.

Seeking the assistance of a trained mental health professional can offer a number of benefits, including reducing stress (and improving life-balance), gaining insight, resolving conflict, improving communication and assertiveness skills, social skills training, and enhancing autonomy and self-confidence. Sessions will be tailored towards meeting your goals.
Information shared in therapy is generally considered confidential, however, there are a few excepts. These include, but are not limited to: if you are having thoughts of harming yourself, someone else, or are unable to care for your basic needs. In addition, information may be disclosed to authorities if there is suspected child, dependent, or elder abuse and/or neglect. Finally, if there is a legal order (e.g., court required testimony) or insurance benefits are being used, disclosure of symptoms, diagnoses and contact information will likely need to be made in order to substantiate treatment and coordinate care.
The first meeting will focus on the completion of an Assessment, and will last 90 minutes. Following this, most individuals meet weekly for a 50 minute session, however, longer sessions are recommended when engaging in couples and family therapy. As progress is made, sessions may be reduced to every other week, and eventually monthly. Length of treatment is individualized, and short and long-term therapy is available. Therapy duration (along with treatment expectations) will be discussed following the Assessment (i.e., first meeting).

The following commercial insurances and Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) are accepted:

In-Network Accepted Insurance Plans:

  • UC Berkeley (SHIP) (Wellfleet)
  • Cigna
  • Optum / United
  • Managed Health Network (MHN) / Healthnet
  • Aetna

EAP plans: 

  • Concern Health
  • Claremont Behavioral Services
  • Modern Health
  • All other services are considered “out of network” and require payment in advance to Peninsula Counseling & Consulting, and you would submit for reimbursement to your insurance network.

For more information about fees, please click here

Please inform us as soon as possible for any need to cancel or reschedule an appointment. In order to prevent being charged the full session fee, a minimum of 24 hours’ notice is required.

If you are experiencing any thoughts or plans of harming yourself or to someone else, please contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255), go to the nearest Emergency Room, or call 9-1-1.

If you are experiencing an emotional crisis, please call  (650) 644-4454. We’ll do our best to return your call within 24 hours.

Research shows that for many mental health symptoms, including depression and anxiety, the most significant clinical gains are made when an individual is actively engaged in ‘talk therapy’ with a therapist, and is receiving medications from a prescribing provider. If you are interested in meeting with a prescribing provider who can assess whether medications are indicated, referrals will be provided.
Finding a compatible therapist could be likened to going to a restaurant. Have you ever been to a restaurant and didn’t like the food? You didn’t say to yourself, “I’m never going to another restaurant again. Rather, you decide that you won’t go back to that particular restaurant. Some people have been to therapists over the years, and their experiences run the gamut of not very helpful at all to extremely helpful. Most people find my knowledge, training, empathy, sincerity and transparency a help to them. In an effort to help determine if we would be compatible in a client — therapist role, a free 15 minute phone consultation prior to scheduling the first appointment can be arranged. And, if you’d like a referral to another provider after the initial visit, this will be available.

If you’re interested in counseling/therapy services, schedule a free 15-minute consultation by contacting us.