Bipolar Disorder (formerly called “Manic Depression”) interferes with experiencing consistent and regular moods. 

Rather, experiencing “highs” (hypomania, mania), and “lows” (depression) is common, which can cloud insight, judgment, impulse control, and exacerbate substance misuse, anxiety, and trauma.  Untreated Bipolar can challenge us in our jobs, relationships, academics, and day to day tasks.  However, there are a number of effective treatments to help manage Bipolar, and several famous people who have managed their symptoms including Carrie Fisher and Catherine Zeta-Jones.  Establishing and relying upon a support system and behavioral health professional can significantly help to improve functioning.

If you or someone you know is experiencing fluctuating moods, irritability, depression, and excessive energy, help is available.  Take action by contacting a professional today.

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