July 2023:  Thank you for your interest in our services.  Please note that our therapy practice is full at this time, with an anticipated wait time of approximately 4-6 weeks to schedule an initial consultation for services.  If you have non-urgent needs, and would like to join our therapy waitlist, please contact us.  If your needs require you to be seen more urgently, please consider contacting a different provider.

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Achieving Wellness Through Behavioral Health Solutions —

  • Counseling / Therapy
  • Consulting
  • Training
  • Care Coordination
  • Practice Development
  • Clinical Supervision


Combining years of clinical, administrative, supervisory, operational, and fiscal knowledge, Peninsula Counseling and Consulting proudly serves the community by identifying and implementing behavioral health solutions. 

Specializing in counseling/therapy for children, adolescents, and adults who seek compassionate and evidence-based care to navigate life stressors and transitions, anxiety, depression, ADHD, trauma, and related symptoms.

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Counseling & Therapy

Incorporating a trauma-informed, non-judgmental, strengths-based approach using Evidence-Based Practices.



Providing expert advice to help grow, enhance, and thrive the quality of your healthcare business.