Practice Development

Launching your career as a clinical provider took years of hard work and perseverance.

From college to graduate school, to internships, jobs, and clinical supervision, you’ve invested in learning about theories, interventions, assessment, managing risk, and linking consumers to supportive resources. You’ve mastered the clinical elements to become a competent provider. Now it’s time to increase your business savviness and transform your practice.

Partnering with seasoned clinical providers who understand your unique needs while combining their robust business acumen, helps answer your questions and address your needs. Using an individualized approach culminating in an action plan, Peninsula Counseling and Consulting helps you increase your practice’s visibility, streamline operations, and overall, be more competitive in the marketplace. “What information should I include in my profiles and website?” “How can I improve the position of my therapy practice in search results?” “Should I market to a niche demographic?” With a greater awareness of how to apply an entrepreneurial lens to your practice, you’ll save time and money, while continuing to provide outstanding service to your clients.

waterfall practice development

Whether you’re thinking about starting or optimizing a practice, we look forward to helping you succeed.

Practice Development helps cultivate the knowledge, skills, and abilities…

  • Marketing
  • Website design and content
  • Client recruitment and retention
  • Legal and financial considerations
  • Establishing fees
  • Networking
  • Practice forms
  • Clinical documentation templates
  • Payor sources
  • Operations and logistics
  • Strategy
  • Business development
  • Service delivery
  • Compliance
  • Strategic planning
  • Management

…to excel and transcend in today’s diverse market.

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