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Connecting With Teens

The teenage years.  We all remember them, though some of us want to forget them!  It’s a time of transition, filled with physical, emotional, and cognitive changes.  That often includes limit testing, new experiences, and creating a path forward towards adulthood, while parents, teachers, and others worry about how teens will thrive.  Teens want privacy.  They want independence.  They want to make their own decisions, and don’t want to be “told” what to do.

While most teens make a successful transition to adulthood, some experience challenges.  This may include symptoms of depression, anxiety, and substance misuse, for example.  Ensuring that your teen is aware of some of the warning signs and knowledgeable about how to get help can greatly aid them in their recovery journey.    Connect them with the help and support they need to improve their self-worth, self-esteem, and self-confidence.  Contact a mental health provider today for help.

Tips for Connecting with Teens:

  1.  Schedule regular “check-ins” with your teen. 
  2.  Learn about what motivates them—their friends, music, hobbies.
  3. Give them opportunities to be responsible.
  4. Provide them with options to help them with decision-making.
  5. Set limits and boundaries.  It’s ok if they’re “mad” at you.
  6. Monitor their grades and social media accounts.
  7. Make sure they know how your expectations.
  8. Check-in with their teachers.
  9. Identify and implement incentives to recognize their “above and beyond” achievements.
  10. Know that this age and stage will pass!