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The Healing Power of Pets

Owning a pet can be hard work.  It’s a long-term commitment, and is mixed with joy, and at time sadness.  Pets join us on our journey through life’s many major milestones.  And they can create an inseparable bond, help provide us with companionship, promote social support and purpose, add structure to our day, and increase our activity level all while more effectively managing anxiety, stress, and depression.  Pets can help teach children responsibility, calm anxiety or hyperactivity, and help with empathy building.  Adults can benefit from caring for a pet thorough increased physical activity, and the simple act of petting an animal decreases stress, lower blood pressure, and stimulates a calming response.

Pets don’t care whether you’ve had a good or a bad day.  They’re excited to see you, live in the moment, and offer unconditional love (while listening nonjudgmentally), which can help reduce anxiety and improve mood.  Pets can help slow down the aging process.  Moreover, they help us create and follow routines, which can be particularly helpful for people who experience depression, anxiety, and ADHD, or to simply practice good time management skills.  They help us build empathy and tolerance, while teaching us the power of forming a loving relationship, and how it grows our self-esteem, self-worth, and self-compassion.

There are so many pets who are looking for their forever home, have you considered growing your family through pet ownership today?