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Good Grief!

Many of us experience grief and loss throughout our lives.  Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, the frequency in which we’re experiencing it today is profound.  Grief is real, the process is individualized, and the timeframe unique to each person.  Grief can come in waves and catch us by surprise.  A person, activity, event, or other memory may derail us.  Know that grief may reappear as important dates approach (e.g., holidays, birthdays, anniversaries).  And it goes without saying, that some people experience prolonged grief which may exacerbate underlying symptoms of depression, anxiety, trauma, or substance misuse

Processing grief and loss is hard, though with time and the proper support people are able to improve their functioning.  Get the help and support that you need to feel your best during these challenging times.

Tips for managing Grief and Loss: 

  1. Connect with others—don ‘t isolate
  2. Talk about the grief
  3. Know that grief is an individual process—no two grief experiences are alike.
  4. Keep a routine
  5. Empower yourself by learning about grief
  6. Educate yourself about grief, and consider joining a support group: ;
  7. Know that in time, things will get better
  8. Let others’ know how you’re really doing
  9. Monitor your symptoms
  10. Talk to a mental health professional if you need support