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Coping with COVID

Feeling stressed? Longing connection? You’re not alone! Many are struggling to make sense of a world that’s constantly changing. The news is hard. Hard to imagine the enormous loss–physically, emotionally, financially–and what it means to be living in unprecedented times. And as airline travelers know, it’s imperative to “put your oxygen mask on first before helping others.” Make sure that you are taking care of yourself, so that you can be present and available to those that want and need your support. Untreated stress can indicate more significant underlying concerns, such as depression, anxiety, or lead to substance misuse.


  1. Get outside (safely). Walk, jog, feel connected to your community.

2. Continue your routines. Go to bed and awake at your same “pre-COVID” time.

3. Stay connected. With friends, family, acquaintances, routines, hobbies, and other routines.

4. Learn new skills. Find a new hobby, or resume a past one (e.g., gardening, music, knitting).

5. Talk it out. Share your concerns and worries. Know so many others are having a difficult time, too.

6. Give back. Find a way to ensure others around you are “ok,” and by making a positive impact on your community.

7. Connect with a professional. Finding a behavioral health provider can help provide clarity, insight, and give you new meaning.

8. Find meaning, purpose, and joy in these times…even the smallest amount helps.

9. Manage your stress by meditating, practicing mindfulness, eating healthy, and exercising.

10. Limit the amount of news that you consume in a day.

11. Plan your next vacation–travel time will come again soon.

12. Know that these times, too, shall pass.