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New year, new you!

With the recent arrival of 2024, many are identifying goals for the new year.  Whether the goal is a lifestyle change—being more physically fit, cutting back or stopping a substance, expanding social connection, eating healthier—this is a great time to invest in yourself.  However, many people struggle to sustain changes that they start.  What can you do to be more successful in implementing sustaining changes?

  1. Set realistic objectives.  (Be honest and kind to yourself).
  2. Implement a reward. 
  3. Find time, and calendar it.
  4. Eliminate distractions, and start when you’re ready.
  5. Start slowly, and gradually build.
  6. Track your habits.
  7. Find an accountability buddy—someone who you can share your progress with.
  8. Practice self-compassion. 
  9. Recite an affirmation or mantra.
  10. Limit social comparison.

 Creating meaningful change takes time, perseverance, and compassion.  And when we create healthy change, we reduce our stress and anxiety and use of substances, while improving our mood, sleep, concentration, and meaningful relationships.