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Finding a Group

Last blog post, we identified various types of groups, and how they can help with treatment.  Groups can help improve connection and purpose, while decreasing symptoms of depression, anxiety, trauma, and substance use.  So, what are some ways to find a group? 


  • A behavioral health provider (e.g., psychologist, therapist, social worker, psychiatrist).
  • Primary Care Provider
  • Care navigators / case managers.  (Most major insurance providers have staff available to ensure that your care and wellness is optimized).
  • Hospital or clinic staff, or look for sings and posters at these sites
  • 12-step members (e.g., AA/NA, Overeaters Anonymous)
  • Advocacy group, such as NAMI, DBSA
  • College/University counseling centers
  • Residential programs or Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOPs)
  • Clergy
  • A search engine to query the Internet
  • Neighbors
  • Message boards / social media / chatrooms

If you or a loved one would benefit from participating in a group, the most important step is to action.  Relief can come from taking today.