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Time For A Digital Detox?

Chances are you have increased your screen time (e.g., computer, tablets, phones, TV, video games) over the past few years.  Whether it’s to help complete school work, your job, find directions, manage finances, relax, or connect with our loved ones, we are a nation that’s largely dependent upon technology.  And there’s increasing concern with children and teens use of screens, too.  Research shows that children who have screen time of two hours or more each day can have changes to their brain.  Many have taken to imposing time limits for children and teens, but what about adults?

Increased screen time can lead to a sedentary life by limiting our physical activity, stymies our creativity, may cause distant relationships, job/school challenges, elevate our stress levels through multi-tasking, and contribute to overall avoidant behaviors.

Though many of us find it hard to imagine our lives without technology, activates our brains, finding a balance of time spent with technology and without is imperative.  When was the last time you analyzed your screen time and identified a goal for a maximum amount of time per day to spend?  What tools can you use to help monitor your usage?

After identifying the optimal time, remind yourself of the goal, and reward yourself after meeting your goal.  If you don’t meet your goal, don’t punish yourself, but identify the barriers that got in the way.  Stop all screen time at least 60 minutes before bed.  And if you need additional support to help keep your screen time at bay, check out: for Android ; Screen Time app for Apple devices.